Areas of the curriculum are reviewed and evaluated on a seven-year cycle. Input from all stakeholders is encouraged and appreciated. Each curriculum area has its specific philosophy and goals. Anyone interested may review these at any time.


St. John’s Kindergarten is an all day, everyday program. Our curriculum provides developmentally appropriate activities in a supportive, Christian atmosphere. We build on the learning that takes place in your home and we help your child to become an eager, independent, life-long learner. Parents, friends, and relatives are invited to special events throughout the year, including the Christmas Program, Baptismal Masses, and Spring Music Program, as well as any field trips we take.

Kindergarten Round Up, a day set aside for new kindergartners for the following school year, is held in spring. At this time the new kindergartners and their parents are invited to meet the kindergarten teacher and principal, be introduced to the curriculum and to visit the school. Registration is also held at this meeting. Other parents interested in sending their child to St. John’s Kindergarten may call the office.

St. John’s School After School Program – Saints Squad

Our After School Program is located at St. John the Baptist School five afternoons per week for preschool through 6th grade students. The program runs from 2:45-5:45pm

This program provides fun activities and a snack each day.

Enrichment Programs


Each student spends 30 minutes with his/her class in the library per week. Grades K, 1, 2, and 3 also have story time during this period.

Music/Phy. Ed.

Students enjoy Music and Phy. Ed. twice each week


Each class works learns from an art specialist approximately every other week.


Grades 2-6 have class with a technology specialist every Friday.

Challenge Programs

Challenge Programs are set up periodically for varying grade levels depending on the project These programs are designed for students with interests in certain areas. The student as an individual accepts the challenges. All areas of the curriculum are taken into consideration so that each child will have an opportunity to complete a challenge in his/her strength. The programs for the year will be identified and communicated to the students throughout the year. Challenges have included Physical Education, Run Club, Christmas decorations, Dancerize, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day projects, oragami and Bunco.

Extra Curricular

Service Projects

Led by the DIsciples for Christ group, three times per year students meet in multi-age groups and discuss important Christna values and work on a related service project. This enables the students, as part of the Christian community to “Make a Difference!”

St. John’s S.M.A.R.T Program

Learn about St. John’s S.M.A.R.T. (Stimulating Maturity through Accelerated Learning Training) Program on Facebook

What is it?

A multi-sensory approach to learning…intended to enhance the physiological and neurological readiness skills necessary to be successful in school.


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