Family Association

The Mission of St. John’s School Family Association is to have families come together to promote community and social opportunities. It gives the parents an opportunity to socialize with the support of one another. This is a parent organization with a social twist.

The objectives of the Family Association include:

  • Host fun and family-orientated social events creating fellowship.
  • Support, promote and provide opportunities to share new ideas that would be beneficial to the school and the students.
  • Provide educational and informational material for parents.
  • Provide a forum for parents to communicate and share ideas.

All parents of St. John’s students are members of the St. John’s School Family Association. Participating is a way to stay informed and be involved in your child’s education, friends and school.

Family Association meetings are held at St. John’s on the second Thursday of the month at 7pm. For more information please contact the School Office.

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