Distinguished and Honorary Graduate Awards

St. John’s is proud to acknowledge Mark Schommer as our St. John’s Distinguished Graduate for 2017. Mark has been a lifelong member of St. John’s and graduated from here in 8th grade in 1954.

Mark grew up one block from St. John’s, so he spent quite a bit of time here as an altar server in his youth. Over the course of his adulthood, Mark has spent many hours here painting, volunteering, praying, and worshiping.

One of Mark’s many talents is painting. He helped with the rectory remodel in the late 70’s and painted the entire old school in the 80’s.  He has painted the interior church walls twice, the sacristy, Eucharistic adoration chapel, main altar, and side altars. Also giving to his community, he painted the ballpark before every state tournament and would work the concession stand as the “popcorn popper”.

Ed Breimhorst says “Mark is the most honest and dedicated person he has ever worked with and known.”

Mark and his wife Sherry raised three children, Sue, Tim and Pete, who are also St. John’s alumni. They fostered a child in the mid 80’s and they are currently fostering a 7 year old girl in their retirement. Mark continues to be a faithful servant and we are proud to have him as our 2017 Distinguished Graduate!


St. John’s is proud to acknowledge Tim O’Brien as our St. John’s Honorary Graduate for 2017. Tim has been a lifelong member of St. John’s. He has given back his time, talent and treasure. He is often at St. John’s on the coldest nights and the hottest days in the boiler room or on the rooftop, repairing or inspecting our HVAC needs.

Tim graduated from Jordan High School in 1987. After graduation he attended Dunwoody in the evenings for sheet metal and air conditioning, while working during the day at Joe and Sons, the O’Brien family business. Tim also helped with the beef cattle and crops on the O’Brien farm.

Tim married Julie (Geis) O’Brien in 1994. They have 4 children. Dalton, a junior at NDSU, Michael, a freshman at UMD, Amber a sophomore at Jordan High School and Evan, a 6th grader at St. John’s.

Tim’s love for our school started when he and Julie enrolled their children at St. John’s. The older 3 children are St. John’s Alumni and Evan will be graduating this year.

We can always count on Tim in a moment’s notice to help with any of our urgent needs and we are proud to have him as our Honorary Graduate for 2017!


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